10 Of The Most Effective Assault Bike Workouts In 2022

The Top Air Assault Bike Workouts For Athletes And Rugby Players

If you want to dominate on the rugby field you need to be in peak physical condition. It doesn’t matter how skillful you are or how many athletic gifts you possess if you aren’t in shape you won’t be able to perform up to your potential.

To get in shape and condition their bodies rugby players perform a variety of different workouts where they push their bodies to the extreme to cause adaptation. One of the most effective ways rugby players get in shape is by performing assault bike conditioning workouts.

Air assault bikes are a unique machine that has been around for years but is growing in popularity thanks to the explosion of Crossfit. In this article what air assault bikes are, why they are so good and show you some great assault bike workouts for beginners and assault bike workouts for weight loss. Let’s get started!

What Are Air Assault Bikes?

Air assault bikes are stationary bikes which feature a large fan where the front wheel would normally be and two handles which you can pull to increase your speed and power output. If you have heard a loud whirling noise at our gym it is mostly caused by an assault bike! 

Don’t for a second think that an air assault bike is just like your regular stationary. Due to the addition of a fan they are tough to pedal with the inclusion of two handles allows you to workout your entire body including your arms and back the same time. With an assault bike workout you can easily burn 50 calories per minute or even 60 if your push yourself hard!

Is The Assault Bike A Good Workout?

Assault bikes are an amazing workout because they allow you to burn lots of calories in a short period of time (50 per minute), they are incredibly easy to use (just pedal and pull the handles) and they workout your entire body (calves, thighs, hamstrings, back and arms)

If you want to get in amazing shape and lose weight then you can’t go wrong performing assault bike workouts. These workouts should be apart of your weekly rugby training regime. To really boost your rugby performance combine assault bike training with the best supplements for rugby.

What Are The Benefits Of Assault Bike Workouts For Rugby Players?

Assault bike workouts offer rugby players a whole range of benefits including increasing levels of aerobic conditioning, develop leg power and muscle, great for weight loss, helpful in rehabbing injuries and an awesome way to develop mental strength (try one of our air assault bike workouts to find out!).

Assault Bike Workouts Improve Rugby Players’ Aerobic conditioning

Aerobic workouts are amazing at helping rugby players build endurance which you need to keep running, tackling and cleaning out for the full 80 minutes. When you are performing an assault bike workout the intense and constant pulling and pedaling  strengthens your heart and lungs which causes an adaptation allowing you to send more oxygen to your muscles. With this additional oxygen you can push hard and for longer during a rugby match.

Assault Bike Workouts Help Rugby Athletes Develop Powerful Legs

Rugby players need to have extremely strong and powerful legs. They use their legs to sprint down the field to score and to drive the opposing players backwards during a tackle or when cleaning out. One of the best ways to develop strong rugby legs is to pedal like a mad man on an assault bike. After just a few weeks you will notice your legs are bigger and stronger! To make your rugby legs even more powerful try a simple and effective rugby strength program.

Assault Bike Workouts Are For Weight Loss

Are you trying to cut down some fat for the upcoming rugby season? Then you need to try an assault bike workout. Air assault bikes are one of the easiest ways to lose weight because they allow you to burn so many calories. With an assault bike workout you can burn 50 calories in a minute! If you are looking for an effective weight loss program try assault bike workouts!

Assault Bike Workouts Build Mental Strength In Rugby Players

Rugby players need to be able to dig deep and find that extra bit of energy when they exhausted. You need to be mentally strong to take that hit up when you are tired or hustle and make that try saving tackle. You can build this mental stamina through assault bike workouts by continuing to work hard even when you are super tired!

Assault Bike Workouts Help Rugby Players Recover From Injuries

Using an air assault bike is a great way to re-strengthen and flood blood into your legs and arms. Light workouts are super helpful to speed up the recovery process and get you back out on the rugby field.

10 Of The Best Assault Bike Workouts For Conditioning And Weight Loss

Do you want to take your rugby performance to the next level? Then you need to burn excess fat and boost your cardio by performing these air assault bike workouts. Check them out below!

Best Assault Bike Workout For Weight Loss – 21 Mins Of Hell

This workout is really going to challenge you both mentally and physically. But don’t worry when you burn hundreds of calories and develop a rock hard 6 pack it will be worth every agonizing second!

1min of work vs : 2 minutes of rest

Go all out for the 1 minute and aim to hit at least 30 calories

Perform 8 rounds!

Calorie Pyramid Of Doom – Amazing Weight Loss Assault Bike Workout

Do you want to get shredded for rugby season and show off your abs? Then try this assault bike calorie pyramid workout. Remember do not pace yourself you need to go all out!

Workout length: 30 minutes

  • 5 calories
  • Rest
  • 10
  • Rest
  • 15
  • Rest
  • 20
  • Rest
  • 25
  • Rest
  • 30

Your rest times should be the same length as your working periods. For example if it took you 10 seconds to burn 5 calories then you should rest for 5 seconds.

10 & 10 – Best Assault Bike Workout For Conditioning

This is a very versatile workout and you can use it as a warm-up, intense conditioning session or as a cool-down. If you want to focus on conditioning then turn it into a race and try to beat your teammates.

Burn 10 calories on the assault bike

Perform 10 push ups

Complete 10 sets with no break in between

Chill & Sprint – Air Assault For Conditioning

This one will really help develop your explosive power and build those rugby legs!

20 seconds Moderate 20 seconds Medium 20 seconds sprint

1 min break

Perform 15 repetitions

Pyramid Intervals

Test out those rugby legs by working all the up to 60 second sprint and then back down to a 20 second sprint

Minute 1: 20 sec sprint, 40 sec moderate
Minute 2: 30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate
Minute 3: 40 sec sprint, 20 sec moderate
Minutes 4: 50 sec sprint, 10 sec moderate
Minute 5: 60 sec sprint, no rest!
Minute 6: 50 sec sprint, 10 sec moderate
Minute 7: 40 sec sprint, 20 sec moderate
Minute 8: 30 sec sprint, 30 sec moderate
Minute 9: 20 sec sprint, 40 sec moderate

Deathwish – Incredible Assault Bike Workout For Conditioning

You will find out how it got its name after performing it!

Every minute of work you have to hit the allocated number of calories. You continue until you miss allocated number of calories 2 times in a row. This is like the beep test of assault bike workouts!

Minute 1: 4 Calories

Minute 2: 6 Calories

Minute 3: 8 Calories

Minute 4: 10 calories

Minute 5: 12 calories

Minute 6: 14 calories

Minutes 7: 16 calories

Minute 8: 18 calories

Minute 9: 20 calories

Minute 10: 22 calories

Continue until you can’t get the allotted calories in the minute!

Test Your Mental Stamina With A Long Calorie Workout

This one is not for weak. If you can get through this assault bike workout you will have incredible mental stamina that will serve you well on the rugby field!

  • 100 calories
  • Rest
  • 80
  • Rest
  • 60
  • Rest
  • 40
  • Rest
  • 20
  • Rest
  • 10

Your rest time should equal your workout time. For example if it took you 30 seconds to burn 10 calories then you should also rest for 10 seconds.

Wrap Up Workout

This is a perfect end of training assault bike conditioning workout that will have your legs burning and your legs ready to collapse!

Minute 1: 50 seconds of medium pace 10 seconds of all out 100%

Minute 2: 45 seconds of medium pace 15 seconds of all out 100%

Minute 3: 40 seconds of medium pace 20 seconds of all out 100%

Minute 4: 35 seconds of medium pace 25 seconds of all out 100%

Minute 5: 30 seconds of medium pace 30 seconds of all out 100%

Minute 6: 25 seconds of medium pace 35 seconds of all out 100%

2min Of Torture – Great Calorie Burner

If the standard calorie burner was too easy try this challenging variation to get you shredded for rugby!

2min On : 1min Rest

Go 100% and aim to burn 60 or more calories every work period

Perform 10 repetitions

Assault Bike Tabata – Amazing Assault Bike Workout For Conditioning

Combine tabata training with an assault bike workout to produce amazing conditioning gains that will have you absolutely crushing your rugby matches. If you perform this workout regularly you have gas to for 120 minutes forget about 80 minutes!

30 seconds sprint : 15 seconds of rest

Perform 10 repetitions


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