What Are The Best Supplements For Rugby?

The 4 Best Supplements For Rugby Players Looking For A Performance Boost

With the right supplementation an average rugby players can turn himself into an absolute beast and start crushing his opponents. I have witnessed with my own eyes decent but not special players get on the right concoction of supplements and then go on to sign pro contracts after their on-field performance took off. To help you become the best rugby player possible we are going to show 4 of the most effective supplements for rugby players. Check them out below:

What Are The Best Supplements For Rugby Players?

The best supplements for rugby players include Tongkat Ali, Creatine, Vitamin D, Protein powder. These supplements will not only help you boost muscle but will give you extra energy, focus, speed and power. 

Why Tongkat Ali Is Great For Rugby Payers?

Tongkat Ali is the extract of a plant found in South East Asia. Tongkat Ali in numerous studies has show to significantly increase testosterone, increase muscle mass, decrease fat and increase strength. All of these factors play an important role in rugby as players need to be strong, explosive, energetic and have high levels of muscle.

Tongkat Ali is one of the few supplements that has been shown to have a significant effect on testosterone as most legal supplements have not shown any ability to the raise the male hormone. Tongkat Ali has shown the ability to increase testosterone by 37% or more.

Having high testosterone levels is very important for rugby players because it:

  • Helps with recovery 
  • Gives you energy and focus
  • Makes you strong and powerful
  • Helps you build and maintain muscle
  • Increases your speed and explosiveness

If you want to be strong, powerful and always fired up and ready to train rugby then you need to boost your testosterone with Tongkat Ali!

Does Creatine Help Rugby Players?

Creatine is great for rugby players because it has been shown to help athlete increase strength, increase muscular endurance and increase fat free mass. If you are looking to put on size for rugby then you need Creatine.

Rawson and Volek reviewed 22 studies on Creatine supplementation and come to the conclusion that on average Creatine increases overall muscular strength 8% more than a placebo group. They also found that Creatine users could perform 14% more reps than placebo weightlifters. And finally found that Creatine was able to increase athletes’ bench press 1 rep max from 16% to 45%.

As strength is so important in rugby especially when you are generating force to tackle opponents, clean them out at the break down or cross the advantage line and cause a line break every player should be taking Creatine. By adding Creatine to your daily supplement regime you should see a significant increase in your strength which will help you when playing rugby.

Creatine doesn’t just increase a rugby player’s strength it can also help them increase their muscle size. According to this study Creatine significantly increased fat-free mass (FFM) and total body mass (P < 0.05) as compared with the placebo group with no changes in body fat. Rugby players need to have lots of muscle and be heavy with the average professional player weighing 100kg (220 pounds). If you are looking to bulk up and add some pounds of muscle in the off-season you can’t go wrong taking Creatine!

Why Rugby Players Need Vitamin D Supplements?

Vitamin D is great for rugby players as it decreases fat, increases muscular strength and decreases your chance of injury. With 42% of the population Vitamin D deficient is makes sense that rugby players should use this powerful supplement.

A recent study from the carried out by researchers from the University of Birmingham in the UK found that higher Vitamin D levels resulted in a significantly higher levels of muscle strength and size. The researchers studied 116 people between the age of 20 and 74 and tested their body composition, strength and compared it to their Vitamin D levels. They noticed a clear trend which showed that the strongest people with the most muscle also had the highest levels of Vitamin D.

We all know rugby players need as much strength and muscle mass as possible, however building it is no easy task. Well if you want to speed up the process and have an effective off-season then you need to grab a few bottles of Vitamin D!

Are Protein Powders Good For Rugby Players?

Over 90% of professional rugby players use protein powders. This is because protein is essential for building and maintain muscle. If you want to build some serious size then you need to be taking protein powders.

Rugby players need to be consuming at least 1 gram of protein per body weight and ideally more. However, consuming all this protein can be pretty challenging. The last thing you want to do is kill yourself in the gym only to come home and eat like a bird and put on no muscle. This is where protein powders come to save the day. If you have a couple of scoops of protein powder per day you can easily hit your required protein intake and be on the fast track to build some impressive muscle mass.

If you want to increase your tackle breaking percentage, become an immovable rock over the break down and be an absolute feared tackler then you need to bulk up and put some muscle. Protein powders will make this process much much easier!

If you want to be an absolute animal on the rugby field and surpass your potential then you need to add supplements to your regime. We recommend taking a concoction of Tongkat Ali, Creatine, Vitamin D, and Protein powder.


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