What Is The Best Steroid Cycle For Rugby Players?

Are you a rugby player looking to add some size in the off-season or get shredded? You have come to the right place we are going to break down different effective steroid cycles for rugby players.

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What is the best steroid cycle for rugby players?

The best steroid cycle for rugby players to gain serious muscle is 350mg-500mg of Testosterone per week, 175mg Anadrol per week, 400mg Nandrolone per week, HCG 500 units 2x a week and 4IUs daily of Growth Hormone. This cycle should be run for 8 weeks. 

The above cycle is for an advanced rugby player who has been training for a number of years, has already taking at least one previous cycle of steroids and is looking to transform their physique in the off-season by adding serious muscle mass. The above cycle is designed to be highly anabolic and help rugby players increase muscle mass in the shortest amount of time.

Why Should Rugby Players Use Testosterone?

Testosterone should form the base of any rugby player’s steroid cycle as it highly anabolic, great for building muscle, general well-being, strength and sexual function. Testosterone will keep rugby players feeling motivated and ready to train while using steroids.

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If you are a rugby player who has never used steroids before then the previous cycle is overkill. You should start with a simple 350mg to 500mg does of Testosterone per week for 8 weeks. If you are feeling good after 4 weeks you can add in a light oral such as Anavar and take 150mg per week. With Anavar you should take it 3 days a week ideally pre-training as it will give you an instant strength boost and you will be ready to smash the weights. For Testosterone injecting every other day is ideal to keep your test levels more stable.

Is HCG Necessary For Rugby Players?

Rugby players should take HCG during their steroid cycle, as research has shown that taking HCG prevents the testicles from shutting down, allowing them to continue to produce Testosterone. This makes it much easier to recover when a rugby player stops cycling.

To prevent shutdown during a steroid cycle rugby players should take 500 units of HCG twice a week. This dosing is commonly used by doctors for patients who are using Testosterone replacement therapy and for patients who are attempting to restart their natural Testosterone production. HCG is safe and effective at this dosage.

Some trainers and steroid gurus will tell rugby players to only use HCG post cycle. However, why would you allow your testicles to shutdown while on gear. Allowing your testicles to stop your natural production of Testosterone only increases your chances of complications when trying to restart you system post-cycle.

Is Nandrolone Effective For Rugby Players?

Rugby players should take Nandrolone as it is highly effective at building muscle and it can help decrease joint pain, allowing rugby players to train harder. Nandrolone also has less side-effects than many other steroids. 

Nandrolone is a great at building muscle. A study which took 16 experienced bodybuilders and gave half 200mg of Nandrolone weekly and the other half a placebo found the Nandrolone group gained on average 2.2kg of lean mass. The fact that experienced athletes were able to gain that much size on a small does of Nandrolone highlights its power to build muscle. By taking 400mg weekly combined with 500mg weekly  of Testosterone you could expect to gain 8kg+ of lean mass.

Nandrolone won’t just help rugby players pack on the muscle it can also be used to alleviate joint pain and prevent injuries. In this study of men with serious joint pain, after being administered Nandrolone 100mg per week for 8 week 72% reported significant improvements in joint pain, and 28% reported no longer requiring pain medication to manage their joint condition

Is Anadrol Effective For Rugby Players?

Anadrol is a powerful steroid that rugby players can use to rapidly increase muscle, strength and aggression. As Anadrol is liver toxic it should only be used for short periods of time, ideally 4 to 8 weeks. 175mg of Anadrol weekly is an effective dose.

Anadrol is one of the most effective steroids that has even been developed. In this study, patients took Anadrol for 24 weeks and on average gained 3.2kg in fat free mass, while losing 1.7kg in fat. Anadrol allowed these patients to put on significant amounts of muscle while at the same lose fat which is unheard of for a natural rugby athlete to achieve.

Anadrol is also great for increasing strength. By popping an Anadrol pill rugby players will be immediately experience a wave of new strength and power, this is why Anadrol should be taken pre-workout. It is not unheard of rugby players to add 30kg to 40kg to all of their compound lifts (squat, deadlift and bench press) after taking Anadrol for just a few weeks.

Anadrol produces what people call “roid rage”. This roid rage is perfect for rugby players who need to be hyper aggressive as they tackle other players and sprint through players. If a rugby player takes Anadrol pre-training they will experience a strong sense of aggression which can help improve their on field performance.


Steroids can help elevate a rugby player’s career. Steroids can increase their muscle mass, strength, speed, confidence and aggression. By improving these physical and mental metrics a rugby player can go from being a decent player to a very good athlete. A few powerful steroid cycles can help a rugby player who is on the cusp of securing a professional contract get into the starting lineup and kill it in the professional ranks.

If a rugby player wants to take their performance to the next level and add serious muscle they should take the following cycle for 8 to 10 weeks:

  • Testosterone – 350mg to 500mg per week, inject every other day
  • Nandrolone – 400mg per week
  • Anadrol – 175mg per week, take pre-training 3 to 4 days per week
  • Human Growth Hormone – 4IUs daily
  • HCG – 1000 units per week, take twice a week

If a rugby player is looking for an ideal first steroid cycle they should keep it simple and take the following cycle for 8 to 10 weeks:

  • Testosterone – 350mg to 500mg per week, inject every other day
  • Anavar – 175mg per week , take pre-training 3 to 4 days per week
  • HCG – 1000 units per week, take twice a week

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