What Do Rugby League Players Spray On Their Hands

Before and during a match you may have noticed rugby league players spraying some mysterious substance on their hands. What is it? And why do they use it? Let’s find out!

What do rugby league players spray on their hands?

Rugby league players spray a hydrophobic substance on their hands that creates a dry layer, repelling water and sweat. The most popular brands are GripTec and Trimona which are used commonly in the NRL.

Brands such as GripTec and Trimona have created sticky grip sprays designed specifically for rugby players. These grip sprays are made from mostly natural hydrophobic ingredients. They are able to resist water and sweat by creating a secure layer around the player’s hands which can’t be penetrated or washed away by water. These grip sprays also prevent sweat from forming making them suitable for rainy and hot days.

Why Do Rugby League Players Spray Their Hands?

Rugby league players spray their hands to improve their grip. When players sweat, or the ball becomes wet it can be very difficult to catch, hold and pass the ball. A hydrophobic spray can create a dry and slightly sticky layer making ball handling easier.

Have you ever tried to play rugby in the rain or on a muddy field? If yes you know how hard it is to keep control of the rugby ball. A simple catch and pass becomes a task of intense difficulty. Even players’ sweat and a bit of dew on the grass can make it very hard to keep possession of the footy.

Rugby players are always looking for new and creative ways to increase their on-field performance. One new product that has becoming increasingly popular with rugby league players over the last 5 years is hand spray.

Rugby league players will spray their hands before the match, during breaks in play and during half time. This spray which is currently legal in rugby league repels water and sweat and creates this dry layer over the player’s hands which is only slightly sticky. This allows them to easily catch and hold the ball while not affecting their passing ability even if the ball is completely drenched.

As catching and holding the ball are such fundamental aspects of rugby league it makes sense that players would use some extra help especially when playing in poor weather conditions. No one wants to drop the ball over the try line or cause a turn over after a silly knock on.

Even Front Rowers Use Grip Sprays

How Do You Remove Rugby Grip Spray?

Rugby grip sprayed can be removed by scrubbing your hands with soap or washing detergent. Do not use water as this will not remove the substance. Certain brands such as Trimona sell a specialized remover hand wash.

While brands will tell you that you should buy their specialized remover hand wash or spray it is not necessary. You can easily remove any rugby grip spray by giving your hands a good spray with soap. If you still find there is some residue left use some washing detergent.

GripTec Vs Trimona Which Is Better For Rugby League Players?

Trimona is a better hand spray for rugby league players than GripTec because it is cheaper, lasts longer and is stickier providing a stronger grip. Both products are safe, dermatologically tested and use mostly natural ingredients.

BrandPriceNatural IngredientsAntiperspirant effectStickinessDermatologically TestedApplicationHow long does it last?Removal
Trimona$20 for 200ml90%YesHighYesEasy1 hour +Easily with soap, Trimona also sell specialized remover hand wash
GripTec$24.5 for 200ml97%YesMediumYesEasy20min to 30minsEasily with soap

Both GripTec and Trimona are good products. However, we recommend Trimona because:

  • It is slightly cheaper – $20 vs $24.5
  • Lasts longer – meaning you won’t have to reapply it during a rugby match
  • Slightly stickier – giving you a superior grip


Grip sprays have become increasingly popular among rugby league players. You will catch them spraying their hands before and during matches. These hand sprays prevent sweating while also form a sticky layers which repels water. These grip sprays help rugby league players catch, pass and maintain control of the ball. The most popular brands include GripTec and Trimona.

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