Unveiling the 10 Best Samoan Rugby Players of All Time

The Pacific nation of Samoa has a rich rugby heritage and has produced some exceptional talent over the years. Samoan rugby players are renowned for their power, agility, and fierce commitment on the field. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Samoan rugby players of all time, showcasing their remarkable contributions to the sport and the lasting impact they have made on the world stage.

  1. Brian Lima: Affectionately known as “The Chiropractor,” Brian Lima is one of the most iconic Samoan rugby players. Lima played as a hard-hitting center, earning a reputation for his bone-crunching tackles. With over 70 caps for Samoa, he was a stalwart of their national team and a true legend of the game.
  2. Pat Lam: Pat Lam’s name resonates strongly in Samoan rugby history. A skillful and versatile back-row forward, Lam captained Samoa and made his mark as a fearless leader. After his playing career, he went on to achieve success as a coach, guiding teams like Connacht to historic victories.
  3. Tana Umaga: Tana Umaga, born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, proudly represented both the All Blacks and Samoa. This powerful center was renowned for his explosive runs, exceptional offloading skills, and solid defense. Umaga’s legacy extends beyond his playing days, as he went on to become a highly respected coach.
  4. Mils Muliaina: Mils Muliaina, hailing from the village of Salelesi, had an illustrious career as a fullback for both the All Blacks and Samoa. His silky running style, elusive sidesteps, and safe hands under the high ball made him a formidable force. Muliaina remains a symbol of Samoan talent and dedication to the game.
  5. Apollo Perelini: Apollo Perelini, born in Samoa and raised in New Zealand, was a dominant force in the forward pack. As a robust number eight, Perelini possessed exceptional ball-carrying ability, strength, and work-rate. His contributions for both Samoa and St. Helens in rugby league are highly regarded.
  6. Dan Leo: Dan Leo, a passionate advocate for Pacific Island rugby, was a tireless second-row forward. Known for his physicality and astute game reading, Leo enjoyed an impressive career, representing Samoa and playing for clubs in England and France. Off the field, he continues to fight for the rights and welfare of Pacific Island players.
  7. Frank Bunce: Frank Bunce, a player of Samoan and Cook Islands descent, showcased his brilliance as a center for both New Zealand and Samoa. His powerful running and impeccable defensive skills made him a force to be reckoned with. Bunce’s legacy extends to his coaching career, where he continues to shape young talents.
  8. Alama Ieremia: Alama Ieremia, born in Samoa and raised in New Zealand, was a skillful and versatile back. Equally comfortable at center or fullback, Ieremia possessed excellent vision, footwork, and passing ability. His contributions to Samoan rugby, both as a player and a coach, have been invaluable.
  9. Census Johnston: Census Johnston, a formidable prop, played a significant role in Samoa’s scrum dominance. With his immense size, strength, and technical proficiency, Johnston was a force to be reckoned with. He enjoyed a successful career in European rugby, representing clubs like Toulouse and Toulon.
  10. Filipo Levi: Filipo Levi, a talented lock and back-row forward, showcased his skills for both Samoa and the Newcastle Falcons. Levi’s athleticism, work-rate, and lineout expertise made him a vital asset for his teams. He represented the Samoan national team with distinction and continues to be a respected figure in rugby.


Samoa has consistently produced outstanding rugby talent, with players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. The 10 individuals mentioned above represent the very best of Samoan rugby, with their unique skills, leadership, and passion for the game. Their contributions have helped elevate Samoan rugby to greater heights and inspire future generations to follow in their footsteps.

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