The Perfect Strikes: Unveiling the 10 Best Rugby Drop Goals of All Time

In the exhilarating realm of rugby, few moments evoke as much excitement and anticipation as a perfectly executed drop goal. From clutch game-winners to awe-inspiring kicks from improbable angles, drop goals have become iconic moments in the sport’s history. In this article, we delve into the archives to unveil the 10 best rugby drop goals of all time. With thrilling detail, context, and super exciting commentary, we celebrate the artistry and precision behind these extraordinary kicks.

  1. Jonny Wilkinson’s World Cup-Winning Drop Goal (2003): In the 2003 Rugby World Cup final, England’s Jonny Wilkinson cemented his place in rugby folklore with a match-winning drop goal. With the clock ticking down, Wilkinson struck the ball perfectly from 40 meters out, sending it soaring through the posts to secure England’s first-ever World Cup triumph. The dramatic moment remains etched in the minds of rugby fans worldwide, forever immortalizing Wilkinson’s incredible feat.
  2. Joel Stransky’s Heroic Drop Goal (1995): In the 1995 Rugby World Cup final, South Africa’s Joel Stransky etched his name in history with a nerve-wracking drop goal in extra time. Facing New Zealand, Stransky stepped up and unleashed a perfectly timed kick from just outside the 22-meter line. The ball sailed through the posts, securing victory for the Springboks and marking a monumental moment in South African rugby history.
  3. Francois Steyn’s Monster Drop Goal (2009): In a Super 14 match between the Sharks and the Crusaders, Francois Steyn unleashed a jaw-dropping drop goal from an astounding distance of 60 meters. The audacious kick showcased Steyn’s prodigious power and accuracy, leaving spectators in awe of his incredible skill and the sheer audacity of the attempt.
  4. Stuart Hogg’s Championship Winning Drop Goal (2021): In a gripping Six Nations decider, Scotland’s Stuart Hogg displayed nerves of steel as he sealed victory for his team against France with a pressure-laden drop goal. With time expiring, Hogg calmly slotted the ball through the uprights, delivering a historic championship triumph for Scotland.
  5. Johnny Sexton’s Last-Minute Drop Goal (2018): During a pulsating Six Nations encounter between Ireland and France, Johnny Sexton showcased his clutch capabilities with a stunning last-minute drop goal. With the game on the line, Sexton coolly struck the ball from distance, sealing a dramatic victory for Ireland and earning a rightful place among the greatest drop goals of all time.
  6. Dan Biggar’s Exquisite Drop Goal (2015): Wales’ Dan Biggar produced a moment of magic during a Rugby World Cup match against England. From a seemingly impossible angle, Biggar launched an audacious drop goal that soared through the posts. The extraordinary kick helped Wales secure a vital victory, leaving fans and commentators in awe of his composure and skill.
  7. Rob Andrew’s Twickenham Triumph (1995): Rob Andrew’s precision drop goal in the 1995 Five Nations Championship clash between England and Scotland will forever be etched in rugby history. With the clock winding down, Andrew delivered a nerveless strike, securing a dramatic win for England and earning the adulation of fans and teammates alike.
  8. Mehrtens’ Maestro Drop Goal (1997): In a Bledisloe Cup encounter between Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Mehrtens showcased his maestro-like skills with an exquisite drop goal. Positioned on the sideline, Mehrtens launched a perfectly executed kick that sailed over the posts, securing victory for the All Blacks and leaving fans awestruck by his precision and skill.
  9. Jannie de Beer’s Magnificent Five (1999): During a Rugby World Cup quarterfinal clash between South Africa and England, Jannie de Beer produced a drop goal masterclass. De Beer remarkably slotted five drop goals, showcasing remarkable accuracy and consistency in a single match. His remarkable feat propelled South Africa to victory and etched his name in World Cup history.
  10. Beauden Barrett’s Long-Range Heroics (2018): New Zealand’s Beauden Barrett displayed his exceptional skills with a long-range drop goal against Australia. With the ball sailing from just inside the opposition’s half, Barrett’s audacious strike epitomized his incredible talent and solidified his reputation as one of the game’s most versatile and dynamic players.


The art of the drop goal has delivered some of rugby’s most electrifying moments. From World Cup-winning heroics to audacious strikes from improbable distances, these 10 kicks represent the pinnacle of precision and skill. As we reflect on these unforgettable moments, we celebrate the artistry, nerve, and unparalleled talent of the rugby players who etched their names in history with these spectacular drop goals. These breathtaking kicks will forever be remembered as testaments to the captivating nature of the sport and the brilliance of its players.

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