The Magnificent Ten: The Best Bradford Bulls Players of All Time

The Bradford Bulls, a renowned rugby league club based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, have a rich history filled with exceptional players who left an indelible mark on the sport. In this in-depth article, we will explore the ten best Bradford Bulls players of all time, celebrating their remarkable careers, achievements, and contributions to the club’s storied legacy.

  1. Ellery Hanley
    • Position: Loose forward
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1978-1981
    • Career Highlights:
      • Hanley, a true rugby league legend, started his career with the Bradford Northern, the precursor to the Bradford Bulls. He was known for his incredible speed, power, and versatility. During his time with Bradford, he won the Challenge Cup in 1979. Hanley’s stellar career extended to other clubs and the national team, where he became one of the most iconic figures in the sport.
  2. Leon Pryce
    • Position: Stand-off/Halfback
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1997-2005
    • Career Highlights:
      • Pryce was a key figure during Bradford Bulls’ glory years in the early 2000s. He played a crucial role in helping the Bulls secure multiple Super League titles, Challenge Cups, and World Club Challenges. His speed, ball-handling skills, and vision made him a standout player.
  3. Robbie Paul
    • Position: Scrum-half, Hooker
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1994-2005
    • Career Highlights:
      • Robbie Paul, along with his brother Henry Paul, was instrumental in the Bulls’ successes during the late 1990s and early 2000s. He was known for his exceptional ball skills and ability to read the game. He played a significant role in securing multiple Super League titles and Challenge Cups.
  4. Henry Paul
    • Position: Stand-off, Centre
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1993-2001
    • Career Highlights:
      • Henry Paul, alongside his brother Robbie, formed a formidable partnership at the Bradford Bulls. His kicking ability and playmaking skills were crucial to the team’s success during the late 1990s. His contribution to the club’s Challenge Cup and Super League triumphs is highly regarded.
  5. Mick Withers
    • Position: Prop forward
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1970-1983
    • Career Highlights:
      • Mick Withers is often remembered as one of the toughest and most hard-working forwards to don the Bulls jersey. His commitment to the club spanned over a decade, and he played an integral role in the side’s progress. Withers’ presence in the forward pack was vital for the club.
  6. Sam Burgess
    • Position: Second row, Prop forward
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 2006-2009
    • Career Highlights:
      • Sam Burgess, known for his physicality and relentless work rate, was a rising star during his time at the Bradford Bulls. His impact was significant, helping the team secure a Super League title. Burgess later went on to achieve international success with the England national team and had a successful career in the NRL.
  7. Brian Noble
    • Position: Loose forward, Stand-off
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1979-1996
    • Career Highlights:
      • Brian Noble, also known as “Nobby,” enjoyed an illustrious career with the Bulls, initially as a player and later as a coach. His leadership and skill on the field contributed to the club’s successes. As a coach, he guided the Bulls to further glory in the early 2000s.
  8. Steve McNamara
    • Position: Prop forward
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1995-2006
    • Career Highlights:
      • Steve McNamara was a stalwart in the Bulls’ forward pack during a successful era for the club. His work ethic and determination made him an iconic figure. McNamara’s leadership qualities were further evident when he took on coaching roles after his playing career.
  9. Joe Gormley
    • Position: Fullback
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1946-1959
    • Career Highlights:
      • Joe Gormley is a true legend of the club, known for his speed and incredible try-scoring ability. He was a key figure during Bradford Northern’s post-World War II successes. His performances in the 1947 and 1949 Challenge Cup finals are still celebrated by fans.
  10. Terry Clawson
    • Position: Prop forward
    • Years with Bradford Bulls: 1961-1975
    • Career Highlights:
      • Terry Clawson’s career with the club spanned over a decade, and he was a crucial part of the team’s forward pack. His relentless tackling and work in the scrum earned him immense respect. Clawson’s contributions were vital in helping Bradford Northern secure success during his time.


The Bradford Bulls have been graced with an array of incredible talent over the years. These ten players, each with their unique qualities and abilities, have left an enduring legacy at the club. From the pioneering days of Joe Gormley to the modern era featuring stars like Leon Pryce and Sam Burgess, these players have played vital roles in the Bulls’ successes, capturing the hearts of fans and etching their names into the annals of rugby league history. Their contributions are celebrated, and their impact on the sport is a testament to the enduring excellence of the Bradford Bulls.

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