Rugby in Namibia: A Comprehensive Guide to History, Players, Clubs, Local Competition,

Rugby has a strong presence in Namibia, a country known for its passion for sports, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural diversity. While not as globally recognized as some rugby powerhouses, Namibia boasts a vibrant rugby community with a fascinating history, talented players, competitive clubs, and a growing local competition scene. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about rugby in Namibia, including its historical roots, standout players, prominent clubs, local competition, the sport’s popularity, and player salaries.

History of Rugby in Namibia

Rugby in Namibia has a relatively recent history compared to some other rugby nations. The sport was introduced in the early 20th century during Namibia’s colonial era when it was known as German South-West Africa. However, it wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that rugby began to gain prominence in the country.

Namibia’s national rugby team, known as the “Welwitschias,” made its debut in international rugby in 1990. This marked a significant milestone for Namibian rugby as the country gained recognition on the global stage. Since then, Namibia has consistently competed in international competitions, including the Rugby World Cup.

Notable Players

  1. Jacques Burger: Jacques Burger is arguably the most well-known Namibian rugby player. He made his mark as a fearless and tenacious flanker, earning a reputation for his hard-hitting tackles and relentless work rate. Burger had a successful club career with Saracens in England and was a crucial figure in the Namibian national team.
  2. Namibia’s World Cup Stars: Over the years, Namibia has produced several standout players who have represented the country in Rugby World Cup tournaments. Notable names include players like Percy Montgomery, Hugo Horn, and Johan Deysel, who have contributed to Namibia’s rugby legacy on the international stage.

Best Rugby Clubs

  1. Windhoek Wanderers Rugby Club: Windhoek Wanderers, founded in 1983, is one of Namibia’s most storied rugby clubs. The club is based in the capital city of Windhoek and has a rich history of domestic success. It serves as a prominent platform for nurturing talent and promoting the sport.
  2. University of Namibia Rugby Club (UNAM): UNAM’s rugby club plays a vital role in developing young talent in Namibia. The club’s affiliation with the University of Namibia allows for a seamless transition for aspiring rugby players from school to the club’s senior teams.
  3. Western Suburbs Rugby Football Club: Western Suburbs RFC, located in Windhoek, is another respected rugby club in Namibia. The club is known for its commitment to youth development and has produced several players who have gone on to represent the national team.

Local Competition

The Namibian Rugby Premier League (NRPL) is the top-tier domestic competition for men’s rugby in Namibia. The league consists of several teams from various regions of the country, competing in a round-robin format. The top teams vie for the NRPL championship title.

In addition to the NRPL, Namibia also has a vibrant schools rugby system, with competitions at various age levels. These school competitions are integral in nurturing young talent and promoting rugby at the grassroots level.

Popularity of Rugby in Namibia

Rugby holds a special place in the hearts of Namibians and enjoys significant popularity, especially in urban centers like Windhoek. The sport’s physicality and teamwork align with the country’s culture, and rugby is celebrated as a source of national pride.

Namibia’s participation in Rugby World Cup tournaments has been a highlight, garnering substantial attention and support from fans. Schools and local clubs play a crucial role in fostering interest and talent development, ensuring that rugby remains a beloved sport in Namibia.

Financial Aspects: Player Salaries

Rugby player salaries in Namibia can vary widely based on factors such as experience, skill level, club, and competition. It’s important to note that rugby in Namibia does not offer the same financial rewards as some of the more lucrative rugby leagues in countries like England or France. Players often have other employment or sources of income alongside their rugby careers.

  1. Minimum Salaries: Entry-level players or those in lower divisions may earn a modest stipend or match fees. These earnings can vary from club to club and are often supplemented by part-time jobs or sponsorships.
  2. Average Salaries: In the Namibian Rugby Premier League (NRPL), average player salaries can range from NAD 5,000 to NAD 20,000 per month. These figures are approximate and can vary depending on a player’s position, experience, and club.
  3. Highest Paid Players: The highest-paid players in Namibia’s rugby landscape may earn in the range of NAD 30,000 to NAD 60,000 per month, primarily at top clubs with significant sponsorships. These players often have extensive international experience and are considered among the best in the country.


Rugby in Namibia is more than just a sport; it is a source of pride and unity for the nation. With a rich history, standout players like Jacques Burger, and competitive clubs like Windhoek Wanderers, rugby in Namibia has made significant strides on the global stage.

The Namibian Rugby Premier League provides a platform for clubs to compete and showcase their talent. While player salaries may not match those in more lucrative leagues, rugby in Namibia is driven by passion and a commitment to the sport’s values.

As Namibia continues to invest in youth development and the professionalization of the sport, rugby enthusiasts can look forward to the country’s continued growth and progress in the world of rugby. Namibia’s rugby community is a testament to the dedication and spirit of those who are deeply committed to the game.

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