Rugby in Hong Kong: A Comprehensive Guide to History, Players, Clubs, Local Competition

Rugby in Hong Kong is a unique and vibrant sporting culture that combines athleticism, tradition, and a passionate community. While the city may be better known for its skyscrapers and financial hub, rugby has a strong presence, boasting a rich history, talented players, competitive clubs, a lively local competition, and a growing international reputation. In this comprehensive article, we will explore everything you need to know about rugby in Hong Kong, including its historical roots, standout players, prominent clubs, local competition, the sport’s popularity, and player salaries.

History of Rugby in Hong Kong

Rugby was first introduced to Hong Kong during the British colonial era in the late 19th century. The sport quickly gained popularity, becoming a vital part of the city’s sporting landscape. The Hong Kong Football Club, founded in 1886, played a pivotal role in the early development of rugby in the region. Rugby was embraced by both the expatriate and local communities, leading to the formation of several clubs and schools.

One of the hallmark events in Hong Kong’s rugby history is the Hong Kong Sevens, an annual rugby sevens tournament first held in 1976. The Hong Kong Sevens has become one of the most prestigious events in the international rugby sevens calendar, attracting top teams from around the world.

Notable Players

  1. Rowan Varty: Rowan Varty is one of Hong Kong’s most renowned rugby players. A versatile back, he captained the Hong Kong national team and played a pivotal role in Hong Kong’s sevens campaigns. Varty’s leadership and skills have earned him a special place in the hearts of rugby fans in the city.
  2. Jamie Hood: Jamie Hood, a talented fly-half, is another key figure in Hong Kong rugby. He was instrumental in orchestrating Hong Kong’s attack and played a crucial role in the Hong Kong sevens team. Hood’s precise kicking and decision-making made him a standout player.
  3. Salom Yiu Kam-shing: Salom Yiu Kam-shing is a rising star in Hong Kong rugby. A dynamic and powerful winger, Yiu has made waves on both the sevens and fifteens circuit. His speed and ability to break through defenses have earned him recognition and a bright future in the sport.

Best Rugby Clubs

  1. Hong Kong Football Club: The Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) is one of the oldest and most prestigious rugby clubs in Hong Kong. Known for its rich history and strong rugby tradition, HKFC has consistently competed at a high level in local and regional competitions.
  2. Societe Generale Valley RFC: Societe Generale Valley RFC, commonly referred to as Valley, is another dominant force in Hong Kong rugby. The club has a history of success in both fifteens and sevens rugby and boasts a strong squad of talented players.
  3. Kowloon Rugby Club: Kowloon Rugby Club is a respected rugby club in Hong Kong with a strong focus on youth development. The club has produced several promising young talents who have gone on to represent Hong Kong at various levels.

Local Competition

The Hong Kong Premiership is the top-tier domestic competition for fifteens rugby in Hong Kong. The league features a mix of established clubs, each vying for the prestigious Premiership title. The Hong Kong Sevens, a world-renowned event, is a highlight on the international sevens circuit.

In addition to the Premiership, Hong Kong has a vibrant schools and youth rugby scene. Schools across the city participate in various age-group competitions, providing a nurturing environment for aspiring rugby talents.

Popularity of Rugby in Hong Kong

Rugby enjoys a dedicated following in Hong Kong, with a passionate fan base that includes both expatriates and locals. The Hong Kong Sevens, in particular, is a major draw, attracting spectators from around the world and contributing to the sport’s global appeal.

Schools and clubs play a crucial role in fostering interest in rugby among young athletes. The sport’s values of teamwork, respect, and discipline resonate with many in the community. Rugby’s inclusivity and sense of community have contributed to its enduring popularity in Hong Kong.

Financial Aspects: Player Salaries

Rugby player salaries in Hong Kong can vary significantly based on factors such as experience, position, club, and competition level. It’s essential to note that rugby in Hong Kong may not offer the same financial rewards as some of the more lucrative rugby leagues in countries like England or France. Players often have other employment or income sources alongside their rugby careers.

  1. Minimum Salaries: Entry-level players or those in lower divisions may receive a modest stipend or match fees. These earnings can vary depending on the club and competition level.
  2. Average Salaries: In the Hong Kong Premiership, average player salaries can range from HKD 10,000 to HKD 40,000 per month. These figures are approximate and depend on a player’s experience, position, and marketability.
  3. Highest Paid Players: The highest-paid players in Hong Kong rugby may earn in the range of HKD 60,000 to HKD 100,000 per month, primarily at top clubs with significant sponsorships. These players often have extensive international experience and are considered among the best in the region.


Rugby in Hong Kong is more than just a sport; it is a cultural phenomenon that reflects the city’s diversity, tradition, and passion for athletic excellence. With a rich history, standout players like Rowan Varty and Jamie Hood, and competitive clubs like Hong Kong Football Club and Valley RFC, rugby in Hong Kong continues to flourish.

The local competition, including the Hong Kong Premiership and the Hong Kong Sevens, showcases the city’s rugby talent on both the domestic and international stages. While player salaries in Hong Kong rugby may not match those in more lucrative leagues, the sport’s core values and the dedication of its participants make it an integral part of the city’s sporting identity.

As Hong Kong continues to invest in youth development and the professionalization of the sport, rugby enthusiasts can look forward to the city’s continued growth and progress in the world of rugby. Rugby in Hong Kong is a testament to the resilience and spirit of those who are deeply committed to the game and its values.

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