Rugby in Chile: A Comprehensive Guide to History, Players, Clubs, Local Competition

Rugby in Chile is a sport deeply rooted in tradition, renowned for its physicality, camaraderie, and passionate community. While not as widely recognized as some of the more prominent rugby nations, Chile has a rich rugby history, talented players, competitive clubs, a vibrant local competition, and a growing international presence. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into everything you need to know about rugby in Chile, including its historical origins, standout players, prominent clubs, local competition, the sport’s popularity, and player salaries.

History of Rugby in Chile

Rugby’s roots in Chile can be traced back to the late 19th century when British expatriates and immigrants introduced the sport to the country. The first rugby club in Chile, Santiago Old Boys’ Rugby Club, was established in 1951 and played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for rugby in the nation.

Chile’s national rugby team, known as “Los Cóndores” (The Condors), was officially formed in 1949. While initially rugby in Chile was relatively niche, the sport has gradually grown, and Chile now competes on the international stage.

Notable Players

  1. Cristián Brangier: Cristián Brangier is one of Chile’s most esteemed rugby players. A versatile back, Brangier captained the Chilean national team and played a pivotal role in their Rugby World Cup campaigns. He is celebrated for his leadership and skill on the field.
  2. Matías Nordenflycht: Matías Nordenflycht, a dynamic scrum-half, has been a key figure in Chilean rugby. He is known for his precise passing and playmaking abilities. Nordenflycht’s contributions have been instrumental in the success of the national team.
  3. Felipe Brangier: Felipe Brangier, a talented fly-half, is another notable player in Chilean rugby. His ability to control the game and execute crucial kicks has made him a standout performer. Brangier’s performances have been integral to the national team’s progress.

Best Rugby Clubs

  1. Universidad de Chile Rugby Club (UCH): Universidad de Chile Rugby Club, commonly referred to as UCH, is one of the most prominent rugby clubs in Chile. The club is based in Santiago and has a rich history of domestic success. UCH boasts a strong player development program.
  2. Old Boys Rugby Club: Old Boys Rugby Club is another respected rugby club based in Santiago. The club has consistently competed at a high level in Chilean rugby and has contributed to the development of the sport in the country.
  3. Old Reds Rugby Club: Old Reds Rugby Club, located in Viña del Mar, is a rising force in Chilean rugby. The club has made significant strides in recent years and is known for its competitive spirit and talented squad.

Local Competition

The top-tier domestic competition for fifteens rugby in Chile is the Campeonato Nacional de Rugby, often referred to as the “Superliga.” This competition features clubs from across the country, with teams vying for the championship title. The Superliga plays a crucial role in showcasing the best of Chilean rugby talent.

Chile also has a thriving sevens rugby scene, with local tournaments and competitions that serve as a platform for aspiring sevens players.

Popularity of Rugby in Chile

Rugby in Chile enjoys a growing following, with an increasing number of fans and participants. While football remains the most popular sport in the country, rugby has carved out its own niche and is attracting new generations of players and supporters.

Schools and local clubs play an essential role in fostering interest in rugby among young athletes. The sport’s values of teamwork, discipline, and respect resonate with many in the Chilean community.

Financial Aspects: Player Salaries

Rugby player salaries in Chile can vary significantly based on factors such as experience, position, club, and competition level. It’s important to note that rugby in Chile may not offer the same financial rewards as some of the more lucrative rugby leagues in countries like England or France. Players often have other employment or income sources alongside their rugby careers.

  1. Minimum Salaries: Entry-level players or those in lower divisions may receive a modest stipend or match fees. These earnings can vary depending on the club and competition level.
  2. Average Salaries: In the Campeonato Nacional de Rugby, average player salaries can range from CLP 200,000 to CLP 800,000 per month. These figures are approximate and depend on a player’s experience, position, and marketability.
  3. Highest Paid Players: The highest-paid players in Chilean rugby may earn in the range of CLP 1,000,000 to CLP 2,000,000 per month, primarily at top clubs with significant sponsorships. These players often have extensive international experience and are considered among the best in the country.


Rugby in Chile is a sport filled with tradition, passion, and dedication. With a rich history, standout players like Cristián Brangier and Matías Nordenflycht, and competitive clubs like Universidad de Chile Rugby Club and Old Boys Rugby Club, rugby in Chile continues to make strides.

The Campeonato Nacional de Rugby serves as a platform for clubs to showcase their talent, and the sport’s growing popularity is reflected in the increasing number of participants and supporters. As Chile invests in youth development and the professionalization of the sport, rugby enthusiasts can look forward to the country’s continued growth and progress in the world of rugby. Rugby in Chile is a testament to the resilience and spirit of those who are deeply committed to the game and its values.

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