How Much Do Toulouse Rugby Players Earn?

Stade Toulousain, commonly known as Toulouse Rugby, is one of the most storied and successful rugby clubs in Europe. The club’s financial structure, particularly player salaries, is a crucial aspect of its operations. Understanding the wage dynamics within the team provides insights into how Toulouse Rugby maintains its competitive edge while ensuring financial stability. Here’s a comprehensive look at the minimum, average, and maximum salaries at Toulouse Rugby, as well as an examination of the highest-paid players and the impact of the salary cap.

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Minimum Salary

In the French Top 14, where Toulouse competes, the minimum salary for professional rugby players is set by the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) and collective bargaining agreements. The minimum salary for a professional rugby player in France is around €25,000 to €30,000 per year. This ensures that even the youngest or least experienced players earn a livable wage, reflecting the professional status of the league.

Average Salary

The average salary at Toulouse Rugby is significantly higher than the minimum, reflecting the club’s status as a top-tier team with a history of success. On average, a Toulouse Rugby player earns between €200,000 and €300,000 annually. This average takes into account a mix of veteran international stars, solid domestic players, and emerging talents from the club’s renowned academy.

Maximum Salary

The maximum salary at Toulouse Rugby is reserved for the elite players, often those with international acclaim or exceptional skillsets. These players can earn upwards of €800,000 to €1 million annually. The highest salaries are typically given to players who have demonstrated consistent performance at the highest levels of the sport, such as those who play for national teams or have achieved significant success in European competitions.

Highest Paid Players

Among the highest-paid players at Toulouse Rugby are individuals who not only excel on the field but also bring considerable experience and leadership to the team. As of the latest season, notable high earners include:

  1. Antoine Dupont: Widely regarded as one of the best scrum-halves in the world, Dupont’s playmaking abilities and leadership qualities make him one of the highest earners at the club.
  2. Romain Ntamack: A key figure in both Toulouse and the French national team, Ntamack’s versatility and consistent performance ensure his status as a top earner.
  3. Cheslin Kolbe: Known for his speed and agility, Kolbe’s impact on the wing and his international experience contribute to his high salary.

These players are not only central to the team’s success but also serve as key figures in the club’s marketing and fan engagement efforts.

Salary Cap

The French Top 14 operates under a salary cap system to maintain competitive balance and financial health across the league. For the 2023/2024 season, the salary cap is set at €11.3 million per club. This cap includes all player salaries, and bonuses, and also considers non-financial benefits such as housing and car allowances. The purpose of the salary cap is to prevent clubs from overspending and to ensure a level playing field, promoting competitive equity across the league.

Stade Toulousain must strategically manage its wage bill to stay within this cap while retaining top talent and nurturing young prospects. The club’s financial prudence, combined with its strong academy system, allows it to consistently field a competitive team without exceeding the salary cap.


Toulouse Rugby’s salary structure reflects its commitment to excellence both on and off the field. With a minimum salary ensuring basic financial security for all players, an average salary that rewards solid performers, and maximum salaries for elite talents, the club maintains a balanced approach. Adhering to the Top 14’s salary cap ensures long-term sustainability while fostering competitive integrity. Through strategic financial management, Toulouse Rugby continues to be a powerhouse in European rugby, combining fiscal responsibility with sporting success.

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