How Much Do Quarterbacks Weigh?

The typical NFL quarterback weighs 225 lbs in recent years. The average college football quarterback weighs 205 lbs.

NFL Quarterbacks Vs Other NFL Players!

NFL quarterbacks weigh close to the average league weight. Quarterbacks may not be the most muscle bound athletes but thanks to their height they weigh more than a lot of players including cornerbacks, wide receivers, running backs, kickers and punters. Check out the graph below and see where the average NFL quarterback lines up in terms of weight!

NFL lbs
Offensive Line 314
Linebacker 245
Quarterback 225
Running Back 214
Wide Receiver 200
Defensive Back 200

Do Quarterbacks Weigh More Than Running Backs?

NFL quarterbacks are on average 10 pounds heavier than running backs. This is because quarterbacks are much taller than running backs. The average NFL quarterback is 6 ft 3 while the average NFL running back is 5 ft 11.

Running backs tend to be significantly more muscular than quarterbacks. However, that extra height results in quarterbacks being a bit heavier. The gap is being closed down as running backs are getting significantly taller and quarterbacks are not hitting the weights as heavy and taking inspiration from the likes of Tom Brady who is not particularly muscular.

Why Are Offensive Linemen and Defensive Tackles Heavier Than Quarterbacks?

NFL offensive linemen and defensive tackles are much taller, have higher body fat percentages and much more muscle than quarterbacks. These factors result in linemen and DTs weighing 60 pounds or more than the average NFL quarterback.

Quarterbacks need to be tall to see over the line of scrimmage and need some muscle to throw lightning bolts down the field. However, they need speed, agility and mobility which can all be hampered by excess fat, muscle or being too tall.

Are NFL Quarterbacks Bigger Than College Quaterbacks?

NFL quarterbacks are on average 20 pounds bigger than college quarterbacks. The average NFL quarterback is 225 pounds while the average college quarterback is 205 pounds.

NFL quarterbacks are bigger than college quarterbacks because they are slightly taller and have a bit of extra muscle. NFL quarterbacks typically gain some additional size after a few years following an NFL weight routine.

Are NFL Quarterbacks Bigger Than The Average Man? 

The average American male weighs just under 200 pounds while the average NFL quarterback weighs 225 lbs.

The average American man is 5 ft 9 while the average NFL quarterback is 6 ft 3. The average American male has a body fat percentage of almost 30% while NFL quarterbacks are at 14%.

NFL quarterbacks are much leaner and taller than the average man with significantly more muscle. At 5 ft 9 the average American would struggle to see over the line of scrimmage and would be throwing blind to his receivers.

Are NFL Quarterbacks Getting Bigger?

NFL quarterbacks are getting bigger! In the 1930s and 40s NFL quarterbacks weighed 150 to 170 pounds. In the 60s and 70s they bulked up to 180 to 190 pounds. In the 90s they crossed the 200 pound mark and now the average NFL quarterback weighs 225 pounds.

NFL quarterbacks have gotten significantly taller as defensive tackles and offensive linemen have grown. Quarterbacks have also started lifting weights much more than they used to, resulting in additional muscle.

What is the Ideal Weight For NFL Quarterbacks?

The ideal weight for an NFL quarterback is 225 pounds. The ideal height for an NFL quarterback is 6 ft 3.

At 6 ft 3 an NFL quarterback has the height to see over the line of scrimmage and easily find open receivers. At 225 pounds an NFL quarterback has the power to throw the ball far and fast and the strength to handle being tackled by rampaging defensive backs.

How Do Quarterbacks Compare To Other Sports?

NFL quarterbacks weigh similarly to heavyweight boxers. For example current heavyweight boxing champion of the world Usyk weighs 220 pounds. Heavyweight wrestlers tend to be significantly heavier than quarterbacks. The Olympic gold medal medalist, Gable Steveson weighs 275 pounds.

NFL quarterbacks are over 50 pounds heavier than the average professional soccer player, who weighs just 170 pounds. This is not surprising as soccer is about endurance and sprint speed over a 90 minute match.

NFL quarterbacks weigh as much as the average professional rugby player but are slightly taller. The average pro rugby player is 6 ft 1 while quarterbacks are 6 ft 3.

Are NFL Quarterbacks Heavier & Taller Than Rugby Flyhalves

The most similar rugby position to quarterback is flyhalf. The flyhalf is considered the on-field general just like the quarterback and is in charge of directing the team’s offense. So let’s see how these two positions compare in terms of weight and height.

The average professional rugby flyhalf is 5 ft 11 and weighs 195 pounds. While the average NFL quarterback is 6 ft 3 and weighs 225 pounds.

Rugby flyhalves and NFL quarterbacks have similar physiques in terms of muscle mass and body fat percentage. However, the extra height results in NFL quarterbacks weighing considerably more than the average pro rugby flyhalf.


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