How Hard is it to Make it to the NFL?

The competition for a spot in the NFL is fierce, and it’s not just limited to college football players. There are also thousands of high school football players who dream of making it to the NFL. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), there were approximately 1.08 million high school football players in the United States in 2019-2020. Out of these players, only 0.007% will make it to the NFL.

The National Football League, or NFL, is the highest level of professional American football in the world. For many young players, making it to the NFL is the ultimate dream. However, the road to the NFL is a long and difficult one, and only a select few make it to the top. In this blog, we will explore the challenges of making it to the NFL and what it takes to achieve this goal.

Firstly, it is important to understand just how competitive the process of making it to the NFL is. Every year, thousands of college football players try out for the NFL, hoping to be one of the few hundred who are signed by a team. According to the NCAA, only 1.5% of college football players make it to the NFL. That means that for every 100 college football players, only 1 or 2 will end up playing in the NFL.

One of the biggest challenges for aspiring NFL players is simply getting noticed. With so many players vying for a limited number of spots, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. One way that players can increase their chances of getting noticed is by performing well at the NFL Scouting Combine. The Combine is a week-long event held every year in Indianapolis, where college football players are put through a series of physical and mental tests designed to showcase their abilities. However, even a standout performance at the Combine is no guarantee of success, as teams often have their own specific needs and preferences when it comes to drafting players.

Another challenge for aspiring NFL players is staying healthy. Football is a high-contact sport, and injuries are a common occurrence. Players who suffer serious injuries may find themselves sidelined for months or even years, and may never fully recover. Injuries can also hurt a player’s draft stock, as teams may be wary of investing in a player who has a history of injuries.

Even for players who do make it to the NFL, the competition doesn’t end. NFL rosters are constantly changing, with players being signed, released, and traded throughout the season. Players must constantly work to maintain their position on the team and to improve their skills, as they are always competing against other talented players who are hungry for their spot on the roster.

Despite the challenges, there are many players who have successfully made it to the NFL. Some of the most successful NFL players, such as Tom Brady, were not high draft picks and had to work hard to prove themselves. Others, such as Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, were top picks and have gone on to become some of the most dominant players in the league.

So, what does it take to make it to the NFL? In addition to talent and skill, it takes dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Players must be willing to put in long hours of practice, to sacrifice their time and energy to hone their craft. They must be willing to endure the physical demands of the sport, and to keep pushing themselves even in the face of setbacks and injuries.


conclusion, making it to the NFL is a difficult and competitive process, with only a select few players making it to the top. However, for those who are willing to put in the work and dedication, the rewards can be immense. Whether they are high draft picks or undrafted free agents, NFL players have proven time and again that anything is possible with hard work and determination.


What are the basic requirements to be eligible for the NFL Draft?

In order to be eligible for the NFL Draft, a player must have been out of high school for at least three years and have used up their college eligibility.

How many players are drafted into the NFL each year?

Each year, 256 players are drafted into the NFL over the course of seven rounds.

How many players actually make it onto an NFL roster?

Only a small percentage of players who are drafted actually make it onto an NFL roster. Roughly 9% of players drafted from 2011-2015 were no longer playing in the league after three seasons.

How do NFL teams evaluate potential players?

NFL teams use a variety of methods to evaluate potential players, including game film analysis, in-person interviews and workouts, scouting combines, and analytics.

What are some common obstacles for players trying to make it to the NFL?

Common obstacles for players include injury, lack of opportunity or exposure, competition from other players, and personal issues such as legal trouble or academic struggles.

How much do undrafted free agents make in the NFL?

Undrafted free agents typically make the league minimum salary, which is currently $660,000 per year.

What can players do to increase their chances of making it to the NFL?

Players can increase their chances of making it to the NFL by excelling on the field, maintaining a high level of fitness and health, building relationships with coaches and scouts, and being persistent and dedicated in their pursuit of a career in the league.

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