How Big Is A Rugby Field?

Rugby fields look pretty big but what are their exact measurements? And are they bigger or smaller than football and soccer fields? Time to find out!

How big is a rugby field?

A rugby field is 110m long from one dead ball line to the other. It is 100m long from try line to try line. The pitch is 70m wide. And has a total area of 7700 square metres.

If you want to dominate on the rugby field you better work on your 100m sprint ability because that is how far you will need to run if you want to score from your own try line.

Based on the significant size of rugby fields it is no wonder the average player runs 7km per game.

What is the minimum size of a rugby pitch?

A rugby pitch must be at least 94m long from try line to try line and at least 68m wide. The in goal area should have a minimum length of 6m.

If you want to carve out space for a rugby field you better have a giant backyard. Including the in goal area it must be 100m long and 68m wide. Rugby fields smaller of this do not meet regulations and can not used for sanctioned games of rugby.

Is a football field bigger than a rugby field?

A football field is very slightly shorter than a rugby field (109m vs 110m) but is considerably narrower (48m vs 70m). A football field is 2468 square metres smaller than a rugby field.

A football field is only ever so slightly shorter than a rugby field. However there is a massive difference between the width of the two fields. A rugby pitch has a whopping width of 70m while a football pitch is much smaller at 48m.

Is a soccer field bigger than a rugby field?

A rugby field is slightly bigger than a soccer field. A typical soccer field is 100m long and 68m wide while an average rugby field is 110m long and 70m wide. Rugby fields are 900 square metres larger than soccer pitches.

Soccer fields do vary in length but even the biggest pitch in the English Premier League at Etihad stadium (Manchester City’s homeground) which is 106m long and 70m wide is still smaller than a standard rugby field.

How big is a rugby league pitch?

A rugby league pitch is 106m to 112m long from dead ball line to dead ball line and is always 68m wide. It is 100m long from try line to try line. A standard rugby league field has a total area of 7208 square metres.

Rugby union fields tend to be slightly wider and longer than rugby league fields. Rugby union fields usually have longer in goal areas. Both fields are 100m from to try to try line.

How big is Twickenham rugby pitch?

Twickenham rugby pitch is 125m long and 70m wide. And a total area of 8750 square metres. With a capacity of over 80,000 this makes its one of biggest rugby fields in the world.

Twickenham doesn’t just have a huge crowd capacity of 82,000 its also a very mightily sized rugby field. The field is 125m long and 70m, making it considerably longer than the standard 100m length.


So there you have it the standard rugby field is 110m long and 70m wide with a total area of 7700 square metres.

The size of a rugby pitch does vary slightly. Here are the acceptable length and width variations of a rugby pitch:

  • 106m to 144m long
  • 68m to 70m wide
  • 94m to 100m from try line to line
  • 6m to 22m in goal length

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