Exploring the Most Lucrative Rugby Sponsorship Deals

In the dynamic and fiercely competitive world of rugby, sponsorship deals have become a vital component of sustaining and elevating the sport. The global appeal and passionate fanbase of rugby have attracted major brands seeking to align themselves with the excitement, athleticism, and values of the game. This article delves into the biggest rugby sponsorship deals, exploring the partnerships that have reshaped the landscape of rugby and contributed to the sport’s unprecedented growth.

  1. Adidas and New Zealand Rugby (NZR): A Pinnacle of Partnership

Few sponsorships in the rugby world are as iconic as the enduring collaboration between sportswear giant Adidas and New Zealand Rugby (NZR). This longstanding partnership, dating back to 1999, has consistently set the benchmark for rugby sponsorships.

a. Historical Significance: The association between Adidas and the All Blacks, the national rugby team of New Zealand, is steeped in history. It encompasses some of the most significant moments in rugby, including multiple Rugby World Cup victories.

b. Record-Breaking Contract: In 2019, Adidas and NZR signed a groundbreaking contract extension, solidifying their partnership until 2023. Valued at NZD 66 million, this deal represents one of the largest sponsorships in rugby history. It includes the provision of kits, merchandise, and extensive brand visibility during international matches.

c. Global Brand Exposure: The All Blacks’ iconic silver fern jersey, adorned with the Adidas logo, has become a symbol of rugby excellence worldwide. The global visibility of the All Blacks, combined with Adidas’s innovative and stylish designs, ensures that both brands enjoy immense exposure across diverse markets.

  1. Canterbury and the British and Irish Lions: Uniting Nations through Rugby

The British and Irish Lions, a touring team comprising players from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, boast a sponsorship deal with Canterbury, a renowned rugby sportswear manufacturer. This partnership exemplifies the global reach and unity that rugby fosters.

a. Touring Legacy: The British and Irish Lions embark on high-profile tours every four years, capturing the imagination of rugby fans worldwide. Canterbury’s sponsorship ensures that the Lions are equipped with high-quality, performance-driven gear throughout their demanding tours.

b. Historic Relationship: Canterbury’s association with the Lions dates back to the 1950s, underscoring the longevity and commitment embedded in this partnership. The brand has become synonymous with the Lions’ iconic red jersey, creating a visual identity that resonates with fans and players alike.

c. Comprehensive Support: The sponsorship deal encompasses a range of products, from match jerseys to training gear, providing the Lions with the tools they need to compete at the highest level. The partnership extends beyond apparel, incorporating joint initiatives that celebrate the rich heritage of the Lions.

  1. HSBC and World Rugby Sevens Series: Banking on Global Excitement

HSBC’s sponsorship of the World Rugby Sevens Series highlights the synergy between a global financial giant and the fast-paced, exhilarating format of rugby sevens. This partnership has played a pivotal role in elevating the profile of sevens rugby on the international stage.

a. Title Sponsorship: HSBC secured the title sponsorship rights for the World Rugby Sevens Series, underscoring its commitment to the rapid and thrilling variant of rugby. The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series has become a showcase of agility, speed, and open-field brilliance.

b. Global Presence: With tournaments held in iconic cities such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney, and London, the World Rugby Sevens Series enjoys a truly global footprint. HSBC’s association with the series has allowed the bank to leverage the sport’s international appeal and engage with diverse audiences.

c. Innovative Fan Engagement: Beyond traditional branding, HSBC has embraced innovative fan engagement initiatives, including the HSBC Sevens Village—a vibrant hub of entertainment, culture, and rugby festivities. This approach has elevated the overall fan experience and contributed to the series’ popularity.

  1. Land Rover and Rugby World Cup: Navigating the Pinnacle of Rugby

Land Rover’s partnership with the Rugby World Cup exemplifies the synergy between a prestigious automotive brand and one of rugby’s most coveted tournaments. This collaboration goes beyond mere sponsorship, showcasing the alignment of values and a shared commitment to excellence.

a. Official Vehicle Partner: Land Rover holds the coveted title of the Official Vehicle Partner for the Rugby World Cup, providing a fleet of vehicles that play a crucial role in the logistical and operational aspects of the tournament.

b. Long-Term Commitment: The partnership between Land Rover and the Rugby World Cup extends over multiple tournament cycles. This long-term commitment emphasizes the brand’s confidence in the tournament’s enduring appeal and global significance.

c. Brand Integration: Land Rover seamlessly integrates its brand into the fabric of the Rugby World Cup, with a presence both on and off the field. The association goes beyond traditional advertising, with Land Rover vehicles featuring prominently in matchday operations, transport, and official ceremonies.

  1. Mastercard and Rugby World Cup: Priceless Experiences in Every Match

Mastercard’s sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup illustrates the brand’s dedication to providing unique and priceless experiences to rugby fans. This partnership extends beyond traditional branding, offering fans opportunities to engage with the sport in memorable ways.

a. Official Partner: Mastercard holds the status of Official Partner for the Rugby World Cup, leveraging its global reach to enhance the tournament experience for fans around the world.

b. Priceless Experiences: Mastercard’s sponsorship includes initiatives that offer fans exclusive and unforgettable experiences, from meet-and-greets with rugby legends to access to behind-the-scenes moments. This approach aligns with Mastercard’s “Priceless” brand ethos, creating lasting memories for fans.

c. Digital Innovation: Mastercard utilizes its technological expertise to enhance the digital experience for fans, offering innovative solutions for ticketing, payment, and engagement. This aligns with the evolving landscape of sports sponsorship, where digital integration is becoming increasingly significant.

  1. AIG and New Zealand Rugby (NZR): Insurance Giants and Rugby Royalty

AIG’s partnership with New Zealand Rugby exemplifies the collaboration between a global insurance giant and one of the most successful rugby nations in the world. This sponsorship deal is notable for its comprehensive coverage and the significant financial investment it represents.

a. Major Sponsorship Deal: AIG secured a major sponsorship deal with NZR, becoming the principal partner of New Zealand’s national teams, including the revered All Blacks. The deal, signed in 2012, marked a significant investment in rugby sponsorship.

b. Global Brand Exposure: AIG’s association with the All Blacks provides the insurance company with unparalleled global brand exposure. The iconic silver fern jersey, adorned with the AIG logo, is recognized worldwide, offering the brand visibility during high-profile international matches.

c. Community Engagement: Beyond branding, AIG engages with rugby communities at grassroots levels, sponsoring various initiatives aimed at promoting the sport. This community-focused approach aligns with rugby’s values and contributes to the development of the sport at all levels.

  1. Guinness and Six Nations Championship: A Toast to Rugby Tradition

Guinness, the iconic Irish stout, holds a prominent sponsorship position within the Six Nations Championship, one of the oldest and most prestigious annual rugby tournaments in the world. This partnership is a celebration of rugby tradition, camaraderie, and the spirit of the game.

a. Title Sponsorship: Guinness holds the title sponsorship rights for the Six Nations Championship, a role that extends beyond mere branding to encapsulate the tournament’s essence and cultural significance.

b. Cultural Connection: The association between Guinness and the Six Nations emphasizes the deep cultural connections between rugby and the communities it represents. The brand becomes an integral part of the tournament’s narrative, resonating with fans across the participating nations.

c. Activation Events: Guinness leverages its sponsorship to create memorable activation events, celebrating the camaraderie and passion of rugby fans. From exclusive fan zones to themed promotions, these events enhance the overall fan experience during the tournament.


The landscape of rugby sponsorship deals reflects the global appeal and commercial viability of the sport. From enduring partnerships that span decades to groundbreaking deals that redefine the financial landscape of rugby, these sponsorships play a pivotal role in the growth, promotion, and sustainability of the sport.

As rugby continues to captivate audiences around the world, the value of sponsorship deals is likely to increase, with brands recognizing the unique opportunities for global exposure, community engagement, and cultural resonance that rugby provides. These partnerships not only contribute to the financial success of rugby but also become an integral part of the sport’s narrative, forging connections between brands and the passionate community of rugby enthusiasts.

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