Do NFL Players Fly Commercial?

NFL players have to travel across the country to get to games. The distances are too far to hop in a bus so teams hit the skies! But are NFL teams cruising in the latest Gulf Stream or are all crammed up in a commercial economy flight? Let’s find out!

Do NFL Players Fly Commercial? NFL players never fly commercial. Some teams such as the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots own their own private jets while most teams charter flights. The preferred airline for NFL chartered flights is Delta.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to strike up a conversation with your favorite NFL player on the plane even if you are sitting in first class! And lucky for the NFL players they don’t have to spend hours cramped in a commercial flight being bombarded with stupid questions or having babies scream in their ears.

NFL players are not small people standing on 6 ft 2 and weighing 245 pounds. So it makes sense that NFL teams would like to give their players extra space and comfort especially after playing a grueling game of football. Some NFL teams have their specially designed private jets with extra comfy leather seats which can swivel and huge amounts of leg room.

The private jets also feature lounge zones, beds and TVs so NFL players can fully relax when travelling to a from games. During private jet flights many NFL players like watching movies, playing cards or listening to their favorite songs. You will also spot a lot of athletes taking a nap. With players burning over 1000 calories in a single NFL game we don’t blame them if they want to have a nap and recharge!

Do NFL Teams Fly Home Right After Games?

NFL teams fly home immediately after home games. They schedule flights within 2 hours after the completion of games. NFL players have to quickly shower, do their media engagements and then rush to the airport to grab their charter flight.

Don’t worry if an NFL player is late the plane will wait for them! One of the major reasons NFL teams opt to fly private or charter planes is because of the logistic issues and the number of players and staff. By hiring planes NFL teams can decide exactly when they want to leave and where they want to go. Trying to constantly book tickets for NFL players and deal with layovers and delays would be a logistical nightmare. Could you imagine trying to get out of Green Bay at 11pm?

NFL teams don’t like to hang around after away games because they want their players back in their beds and fully rested for the next week of training. The NFL is a very intense environment where every waking is used effectively. Coaches want their players ready to go the next day to perform their recovery and go through tape of the game. There is no time for sightseeing or hanging out in the hotel as teams need to prepare for their next opponent.

Do NFL Players Pay For Flights?

All flights to and from NFL games are paid for by the team. NFL players do not have to pay for any work related flights including media obligations or official team or NFL events. It is estimated an NFL teams spends $4 million per season on flights alone!

Hopping from one charter flight to the next is not cheap! Fortunately, NFL players can save their big salaries and spend it on other luxuries as the team foots the bill. An NFL team will pay for all of player’s official travel that includes travelling to and from games and to events.

If NFL players had to pay for their own flights many wouldn’t make much money as seats on private jets are not cheap! Players could easily spend $100,000 or more simply getting to and from games!

Do NFL Players Get Their Own Hotel Room?

Only senior and star NFL players get their own hotel room. Most NFL players have to share a room with a fellow player. This tactic is used to save costs and helps fit all of the staff and players in one hotel. NFL teams spend a fortune on hotels because players stay in them the night before home and away games!
While many NFL players may be cruising through the air in style in private jets it isn’t so luxurious when they arrive at the hotel. While NFL teams typically stay at nice hotels most players have to share a small basic room. Only the big time NFL athletes get to enjoy their privacy and don’t have to listen to their fellow players snoring the whole night.

Which NFL Teams Have Their Own Plane?

The NFL teams who have their own plane include the Arizona Cardinals (Boeing 777-200ER ), New England Patriots (2 Boeing 767s) and New York Jets (Boeing 767). Other teams opt to hire private jets and charter flights, but expect more teams to purchase jets in the future.
While the Arizona Cardinals haven’t been doing so well on the field, the players are taken care off the field.  The Arizona Cardinals recently purchases a Boeing 777-200ER. This aircraft has 288 seats including 28 first class seats and 48 business class seats. You can bet players will be fighting over their first class seats!
The New England Patriots are an incredibly successful franchise and revolutionized the game. So it is no surprise that they were the first team to purchase a private jet back in 2017. The Patriots actually own 2 Boeing 767s! The plane features extra wide and spaced seats that can recline and every seat gets its very own entertainment system!
The New York Jets also own their very own Boeing 767 but they only have one! The jet is configured similarly to the Patriots’ plane with extra leg room, wide seats that can recline and of course TV screens for every seat!

Do The Dallas Cowboys Have Their Own Plane?

The Dallas Cowboys do not have their own plane. America’s team instead charters flights to get to and from games. However, Jerry Jones the Cowboys owner does have his very own private jet, a Gulfstream G550. 
If any team in the NFL would have their own private jet you would think it would be the Dallas Cowboys, but no! The Cowboys, like most NFL teams charter flights and don’t own a private jet. However, Jerry Jones doesn’t travel on these charter flights to get to games. Instead he hops aboard his Gulfstream G550! Jones’ private jet is 96 ft long and is powered by 2 Rolls-Royce turbo engines. These massive engines help the jet reach a top speed of 585 miles per hour!

Wrapping Up!

NFL teams do not fly commercial. They either use their own private jets or charter planes. They avoid commercial flights due to logistical issues and to ensure their players can travel in comfort. More and more NFL teams are moving away from the charter model and are actually buying their own planes. Current NFL teams who own private jets include the Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots and New York Jets. It is estimated that an NFL team spend $4 million on flights every year, so it is lucky players don’t have foot the bill!

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