10 Biggest NRL Players

The National Rugby League (NRL) has been graced by players of various shapes and sizes, with some individuals leaving an indelible mark due to their exceptional size and strength. In this article, we delve into the world of the heaviest NRL players of all time, showcasing their remarkable size and physical presence that set them apart from their peers.

  1. Dave Taylor – Weight: Approximately 135 kg Known as “The Coal Train,” Dave Taylor was a formidable force on the field. Standing at 6’5″, Taylor’s hulking frame and immense power made him a difficult player to bring down. His weight and strength made him a valuable asset for teams like the Broncos, Rabbitohs, and Titans.
  2. Manase Fainu – Weight: Approximately 128 kg Manase Fainu, a hooker for the Manly Sea Eagles, possesses a substantial physique that makes him a formidable presence on the field. Standing at 6’1″, Fainu’s size and strength provide him with a significant advantage in battles around the ruck.
  3. Shannon Boyd – Weight: Approximately 124 kg Standing at 6’5″ and weighing over 120 kg, Shannon Boyd is renowned for his size and power. The former Canberra Raiders and Gold Coast Titans prop forward’s ability to gain meters and make strong tackles showcased his dominance in the middle of the field.
  4. Nelson Asofa-Solomona – Weight: Approximately 120 kg Nelson Asofa-Solomona, a powerhouse prop for the Melbourne Storm, possesses a commanding presence on the field. Standing at 6’6″, his towering size and impressive weight make him a force to be reckoned with. Asofa-Solomona’s combination of size and skill has earned him accolades as one of the NRL’s most intimidating players.
  5. Aaron Woods – Weight: Approximately 118 kg Aaron Woods, who has played for the Wests Tigers, Canterbury Bulldogs, and Cronulla Sharks, is a prop forward renowned for his physicality and size. Standing at 6’4″, Woods’ bulk and weight make him a significant asset in the front row.
  6. Pauli Pauli – Weight: Approximately 118 kg Pauli Pauli, a former player for the Newcastle Knights and Parramatta Eels, boasts an imposing frame that contributes to his reputation as one of the NRL’s heaviest players. Standing at 6’4″, Pauli’s weight and size allow him to generate powerful runs and make an impact in the middle of the field.
  7. Junior Paulo – Weight: Approximately 118 kg Junior Paulo, a front-rower for the Parramatta Eels, is known for his size and physicality. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing over 110 kg, Paulo’s strength and weight make him a formidable opponent for any defense.
  8. Fuifui Moimoi – Weight: Approximately 117 kg Fuifui Moimoi, a Tongan powerhouse, left a lasting impression during his NRL career with the Parramatta Eels. Standing at 6′, Moimoi’s massive size and weight made him a formidable presence on the field, often requiring multiple defenders to bring him down.
  9. Russell Packer – Weight: Approximately 116 kg Russell Packer, who has played for the Warriors, Dragons, and Tigers, is a prop forward renowned for his size and strength. Standing at 6’4″, Packer’s weight and physicality make him a daunting opponent in the middle of the field.
  10. Jacob Saifiti – Weight: Approximately 116 kg Jacob Saifiti, one half of the Saifiti twins who play for the Newcastle Knights, boasts an imposing physique. Standing at 6’6″, Saifiti’s size and weight make him a valuable asset in the forward pack, contributing to his reputation as one of the NRL’s heaviest players.


The NRL has witnessed its fair share of behemoth players who tower above their opponents, leaving a lasting impact on the field. Dave Taylor, Manase Fainu, and Shannon Boyd are just a few examples of the NRL’s heaviest players who have utilized their immense size and weight to dominate their opponents. These athletes exemplify the importance of physical presence and strength in the world of professional rugby league, forever etching their names in NRL history.

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